Latest News & Press Releases

Latest News & Press Releases

School Dental Screening Service Virtually Non-Existent as Thousands of Children Await Care

• Some parts of the country are facing backlogs of almost 10 years in relation to HSE School Dental Screening Service. • Children who should be receiving three check-ups in primary school not being seen until fourth year of secondary school. • General Anaesthetic waiting lists also running up to 2 years in some parts of the country. • Number of public-only dentists has dropped by almost a quarter (23%), from 330 in 2006 to 254 in 2022. • HSE need to hire 76 dentists immediately to bring the service back to where it was 15 years ago, says Irish Dental Association.

‘Budget Allocation for Dental Care Amounts to Pocket Change’ – Irish Dental Association

The Irish Dental Association says it is disappointed by the lack of specifics in Budget 2023 regarding measures to improve access to dental care.

“Public Dental Schemes on verge of collapse” - Irish Dental Association

Serious investment from Budget 2023 needed to avoid collapse of public dentistry, says Irish Dental Association

Roadshow Meetings Commence in Cork and Limerick this week

The first in our series of regional meetings for members take place in Cork (Tuesday) and Limerick (Wednesday) this week.

Reform dental tax relief and overhaul medical card scheme in Budget 2023, says Irish Dental Association

As people struggle with cost-of-living pressures, access to dental care will only worsen without significant reform, warns Irish Dental Association in its submission to Government in advance of Budget 2023.

Latest IDA Newsletter for Members

Includes information on reform of the Med 2 tax relief scheme, DTSS (medical card) inspections, Dental Council registration of refugee dentists, and a report on opposition TDs criticising the delay in talks on a new medical card scheme.

Newly elected President of the Irish Dental Association calls on Government to enact sweeping reforms in Dentistry before we reach crisis point

“We need the Government to intervene in the medical card scheme, public dentist recruitment and the training of dental graduates immediately before we reach crisis levels.” – Dr Caroline Robins

Fee Changes Will Do Little to Address Exodus from DTSS - IDA

Last week’s increase in fees and expansion of treatments under the DTSS (medical card scheme) will do little to address the fundamental issues that have forced dentists to withdraw from the scheme en masse, says Dr Will Rymer, chair of the Association’s General Practitioner Committee.

Dentists publish report calling for introduction of ‘credit or voucher’ system as medical card scheme nears total collapse

Independently commissioned research paper by Professor of Health Economics at Queens University Belfast, Professor Ciaran O’Neill, says a ‘credit or voucher’ scheme would “remove perversities in the current system and help rebuild relations between the public, providers, and Government.”

Tralee dentist wins Colgate Caring Dentist of the Year 2021

Dr Colm O’Loghlen of Bridge Street Dental Practice, Tralee, Co Kerry wins Munster Caring Dentist award, as well as overall Colgate Caring Dentist of the Year title. Dr O’Loghlen was recognised for the care he provided to a traumatised teenager out-of-hours after the teen lost his two front teeth in a fall. The teen’s mother said: “Dr O’Loghlen has not only helped to restore my son’s teeth, but he has restored his confidence too.” Ballina Dental Practice win Colgate Caring Dental Team of the Year. Dr Clodagh McAllister, President of the Irish Dental Association: “What makes these awards so special is that it is patients sharing their personal stories, shining a spotlight on the incredible commitment and care that dentists are providing every day in the communities that they serve.”

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