Dental Technicians

Dental Technicians

The Work of a Dental Technician

A Dental Technician constructs and repairs crowns, bridges and other dental appliances using prescriptions and impressions taken by a Dentist. They must have knowledge and understanding of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the oral cavity and related tissues, and their biological response to Appliance materials and trauma.

Dental Technicians also require an understanding of the composition of the materials used in dental technology, and their physical-chemical and mechanical properties, so that they use them safely and to the benefit of the patient. The Dental Technician must have a high degree of manual dexterity and technical skill in all the basic disciplines of dental technology. The Dental Technician should develop planning and communication skills so that they can relate to the changing needs of the dental profession.

Once qualified and experienced, Dental Technicians may specialise in orthodontics, ceramics, prosthodontics or maxillo-facial work. Dental Technicians who specialise in maxillo-facial, generally work in hospitals under the supervision of Oral Surgeons. They may work independently of Dentistry, providing they do not carry out operations in the mouth, i.e. Impression or Fitting of Appliances.

Educational and Other Qualifications

Dublin Dental University offers a full time 3 year Diploma Course in Dental Technology. The course is designed to develop in each student a high level of understanding and technical skills in all the basic disciplines of dental technology; to have an understanding of modern materials science; to train in the technology of accurately casting dental alloys, the fabrication of porcelain restorations and the creation of high quality cosmetic artefacts.

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Getting the Job

The Irish Dental Association's Classifieds section lists current available opportunities.