Abstracts of Scientific Articles

Abstracts of Scientific Articles

2024 - Abstract No 3 - June / July 2024

1. The zygomatic implant perforated (ZIP) flap for rehabilitation of patients with midfacial oncology defects: a report of three cases


2024 - Abstract No 2 - April / May 2024

1. A service evaluation of patients requiring growth modification in a public service setting


2024 - Abstract No 1 February / March 2024

1. An update on non-nutritive sucking habit cessation


2023 - Abstract No. 6 December 2023 / January 2024

1. Dental assessment pre radiotherapy for head and neck cancer


2023 - Abstract No. 5 October / November 2023

1. Aggressive pyogenic granuloma mimicking a malignant lesion: case report and review


2023 - Abstract No. 4 August / September 2023

1. Oral health and oral health-related quality of life in a homeless population in Ireland: a pilot study

2. A retrospective study on the use of botulinum toxin as part of first-line management in the treatment of myogenous TMD


2023 - Abstract No 3 June / July 2023

1. The risks of smartphone and mobile technology for the dissemination of clinical data by dental professionals


2023 - Abstract No. 2 March /April 2023

1. Senior academics’ perceptions of undergraduate prosthodontics curriculum and teaching: a qualitative study


2023 - Abstract No. 1 January / February 2023

1. A sagittal split osteotomy approach for removal of a large cementoblastoma at the mandibular angle

2. Oral lymphoma: a report of two contrasting cases


2022 - Abstract No. 6 December 2022 / January 2023

1. Dens invaginatus and the paediatric dental patient: two case reports


2022 - Abstract No. 5 October / November 2022

1. Contemporary operative caries management: consensus recommendations on minimally invasive caries          removal

2. Prevention and treatment of dental caries with mercuryfree products and minimal intervention

3. Management of non-cavitated and cavitated caries in primary, permanent, and mixed dentition. An evidence

4. Almost half of cancer deaths are preventable


2022 - Abstract No. 4 August September 2022

1. Costello Award abstracts

2. Cancer vaccines: building a bridge over troubled waters.

3. Effectiveness of a chairside acrylic adjustment cabinet in reducing dental acrylic debris and aerosols

4. Chronic exercise preserves lean muscle mass in masters athletes

5. Topical fluoride effectiveness in high-caries-risk adults


2022 - Abstract No. 3 June/July 2022

1. Diagnostic pathway of head and neck cancer patients in Ireland: audit of patterns of first attendance 1983-2019

2. A review of the oral cancer referral pathway system in Dublin Dental University Hospital


2022 - Abstract No. 2 April/May 2022

1. Management of fluorosis using resin infiltration

2. Unmasking the impact of face masks on communication between healthcare professionals and patients during the Covid-19 pandemic


2022 - Abstract No. 1 February / March 2022

1. Head and neck metastases: case series

2. Prosthetic rehabilitation of unilateral congenital microtia with an implant-retained auricular prosthesis – a case report

2021 - Abstract No. 6 Debember 2021 / January 2022

1. Perceptions of general dental practitioners in Northern Ireland on the clinical management of patients taking direct oral anticoagulants

2. Persistent post-surgical orofacial pain

2021 - Abstract No. 5 October / November 2021

1. A scoping review of the use of motivational interviewing in oral healthcare settings

2. A necrotic orofacial lesion presenting in an immunocompromised patient in the UK: case review with features of noma

2021 - Abstract No. 4 August / September 2021

1. Prescription of antibiotics for the prevention of failures and postoperative infections in oral implantology: a literature review

2. Oral complications and dental management of childhood cancer: how does the dentist support integrated care?

2021 - Abstract No. 3 June / July 2021

1. Oral and peri-oral piercings: impact on the gingival tissues

2. Candida: case report of an uncommon presentation of the common culprit

2021 - Abstract No. 2 April / May 2021

1. Pit and fissure sealants – an update

2. Acute myeloid leukaemia: an update for dentists

2021 - Abstract No. 1 February / March 2021

1. Management of the deep carious lesion:a literature review

2020 - Abstracts No. 6 - December 2020 / January 2021

1. Dental care in patients with dementia

2. The perils of “phantom bite syndrome” or “occlusal dysaesthesia”

2020 - Abstracts No 5 - October / November 2020

1. Training for dental professionals improves confidence in managing patients with dental anxiety in Ireland.

2. Case report: post-maxillary (mouth) cancer: oro-facial and dental rehabilitation using zygomatic implants to support a bar-retained obturator

2020 - Abstracts No 4 - August / September 2020

1. Determining dental students’ and dental hygiene students’ perceptions of eating disorders and their management.

2. Case report of a spontaneous occurrence of MRONJ.

3. Periodontal disease as a manifestation of cyclic neutropenia: case report with a 34-year follow-up

2020 - Abstracts No. 3 - June/July 2020

1. Prospective audit: anterograde amnesic effects of IV sedation with midazolam in patients having oral surgery procedures

2. Alveolar lymphangioma diagnosed in a white Irish neonate: a previously unreported finding

2020 - Abstracts No. 2 - April May 2020

1.  A dentigerous cyst associated with a pulpectomised primary molar: case report

2. Dentists’ attitudes towards the phase-down of dental amalgam in Ireland

2020 - Abstracts No. 1 - February March 2020

1. Usage & waste management of restorative materials in the ROI

2. Contemporary management options for molar incisor hypomineralisation

2019 - Abstracts No. 6 - December 19 January 2020

1. Hypomineralised second primary molars may be indicative of future molar incisor hypomineralisation

2. Extraction of a severely impacted mandibular third molar using a sagittal split osteotomy - a case report

2019 - Abstracts No. 5 - October November 2019

1. Minimum intervention dentistry for management of caries in older adults: a review of the literature

2019 - Abstracts No. 4 August September 2019

1. Oral health after radiotherapy for head and neck cancer: two case reports

2019 - Abstracts No. 3 June July 2019

1. A survey of the provision of orthodontists in Ireland 2018

2019 - Abstracts No. 2 - April May 2019

1. An uncommon cause of isolated hypoglossal nerve palsy: a case report.

2. Case report: Management of an impacted second premolar

2019 Abstracts No. 1 - February March 2019 

1. How important is sustainability to the dental profession in Ireland?

2018 Abstracts No. 6 - December 2018 January 2019 

1. Application of the Donbedian model of evaluation to assess an organisational development project to introduce a nitrous oxide inhalation sedation service in a community dental setting.

2. Langerhans cell histiocytosis presenting as mandibular pain 


2018 Abstracts No. 5 - October November 2018

1. Complete traumatic intrusion of an upper deciduous incisor in a two year old - case report

2. The use of modified diets by adults with temporomandibular disorders - systemic reivew and meta-analysis


2018 Abstracts No. 4 - August September 2018

  1. Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws (MRONJ) review: what Irish dentists need to know from international guidelines to current convtroversies 

2018 Abstracts No. 3 - June July 2018

  1. The prevalence of neglected dentitions in children as perceived by HSE primary care dentists in Ireland
  2. Autotransplantation of premolars in children with congenitally absent teeth; a report of three cases 

2018 Abstracts No. 2 - April May 2018

  1. Nitrous oxide versus midazolam for paediatrics 

2018 Abstracts No. 1 - February March 2018

  1. Applied behavioural analysis principles in dentistry: technqiues to overcome dental fear, improving attendance and compliance 
  2. The conventional inferior alveolar nerve block: is there a more predictable alternative?

2017 Abstracts No. 6 - December 2017 January 2018 

1. Bariatric dentistry: managing the plus-size patient 

2017 Abstracts No. 5 - October November 2017

  1. Dental interventions in patients taking anti-resorptive medication for the treatment of osteoporosis and other bone disease: an audit of current practice in the Dublin Dental University Hospital
  2. An audit of the baseline dental status and treatment of individuals referred to Dublin Dental University Hospital for a pre-radiotherapy dental and oral assessment

2017 Abstracts No. 4 - August September 2017 

1. Brief communication: dentists' reproducibility in scoring the plaque index using a fluorescent colour agent

2017 Abstracts No. 3 - June July 2017

  1. Are non-pharmacological interventions to alleviate pain during orthodontic treatments as effective as pharmacological interventions?

2017 Abstracts No. 2 - April May 2017

  1. First tooth, first visit, zero cavities: a practical approach to the infant oral health visit
  2. First tooth, first visit, zero caviities: a review of the evidence as it applies to Ireland

2017 Abstracts 63 No. 1 - February March 2017 

  1. A retrospective investigation of the oral health records of a cohort of preschool children who received extractions under general anaesthesia including cost analysis of treatment 

2016 Abstracts 62 No. 6 - December 2016 January 2017

  1. Non-vital bleaching
  2. Early orthognathic surgery in response to bullying due to malocclusion 

2016 Abstracts 62 No. 5 - October November 

  1. Focus group methods in dental research
  2. Multiple myeloma presenting as mandibular pain 

2016 Abstracts 62 No. 4 - August September 

  1. Simple technique to evaluate denture border extensions using silicone impression material
  2. The non-healing extraction socket: a diagnostic dilemma - case report and discussion 

2016 Abstracts 62 No. 3 - June July 

  1. Primary ewing sarcoma of the coronoid process of mandible 
  2. Clinical and radipgraphic assessment of maxillary canine eruption status in agroup of 11 to 14 year old children

2016 Abstracts 62 No. 2 - April May 

  1. Three case reports demonstrating treatment of relatively complex orthodontic cases using a completely customised lingual appliance
  2. The path of least resistance in oral surgery

2016 Abstracts 62 No. 1 - February March

  1. Results of a survey of current work practices and future aspirations of members of the Irish Dental Hygienists Association, relative to their scope of practice
  2. Prospective audit of postoperative instructions to patients undergoing root canal treatment in the DDUH and re-audit following introduction of a written patient information sheet 

2015 Abstracts 61 No. 6 - December January 2016

  1. Medical emergencies in the dental surgery. Part 1 : preparation of the office and basic management
  2. The application of indirect composite onlays in the restoration of severely broken down posterior teeth

2015 Abstracts 61 No. 5 - October November

  1. Case report: Drug-induced gingival overgrowth associated with the use of a calcium channel blocker (amlodipine)
  2. Fundamentals of occlusion and restorative dentistry. Part II: occlusal contacts, interferences and occlusal considerations in implant patients

2015 Abstracts 61 No. 4 - August September 

  1. Does access to general dental treatment affect the number and complexity of patients presenting to the acute hospital service with severe dentofacial infections?
  2. Fundamentals of occlusion and restorative dentistry. Part 1 : Basic principles

2015 Abstracts 61 No. 3 - June July

  1. A frontal swelling with a cautionary tale
  2. Ebola virus disease: review and implications for dentistry in Ireland
  3. Mandibular implant-supported overdentures: attachment systems, and number and locations of implants - Part 2

2015 Abstracts 61 No. 2 - April May 

  1. Smoking cessation and the role of the dental practitioner
  2. Mandibular implant-supported overdentures: attachment systems, and number and locations of implants - Part 1

2015 Abstracts 61 No. 1 - February March 

  1. The occurrence of paraesthesia of the maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve after dental local anaesthetic use: a case report
  2. Adverse reactions to facial dermal fillers: a case report
  3. Dentists' requirements for continuing professional development in Ireland. A pilot study conducted at University College Cork

2014 Abstracts 60 No. 6 - December January 2015

  1. Oral carcinoma of the anterior hard palate: an unusual presentation 
  2. Does the dentist have a role in identifying patients with undiagnosed diabetes mellitus?

2014 Abstracts 60 No. 5 - October November

  1. Post-extraction inferior alveolar nerve neurosurgery disturbances - A guide to their evaluation and practical management 

2014 Abstracts 60 No. 4 - August September 

  1. Management of primary molar infraocclusion in general practice 

2014 Abstracts 60 No. 3 - June July  

  1. New oral anticoagulants and their implications for dental patients
  2. Oral health behaviours amongst homeless people attending rehabilitation services in Ireland

2014 Abstracts 60 No. 2 - April May

  1. An evaluation of washer-disinfectors and dishwashers effectiveness in terms of processing dental instruments 
  2. Case report - Sublingual epidermoid cyst in an elderly patient

2014 Abstracts 60 No. 1 - February March

  1. Motivational interviewing for dental clinicians
  2. Midazolam and drug-drug interactions in dental conscious sedation
  3. Intracranial abscess secondary to dental infection

2013 Abstracts 59 No. 6 - December January 2013

  1. Odontogenic cervico-fascial infections: a continuing threat
  2. Results of data gathered at a smoking cesscation counselling stand in the Dublin Dental University Hospital on Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2012
  3. Dental Amalgam: is this end end? 

 2013 Abstracts 59 No. 5 - October November 2013

  1. Case report: management of broken dental needles in practice
  2. An audit of orthodontic treatment eligibility among new patients referred to a Health Service Executive orthodontic referral centre
  3. Audit of the Health Service Executive orthodontic referral pathway between 2009 and 2011 in the Dublin Mid-Leinster region 
  4. A simple technique for replacing extracted anterior teeth using a vacuum formed retainer 

2013 Abstracts 59 No. 4 - August September 2013

  1. An analysis of the attitudes of dental patients attending general practice in Galway
  2. Effect of phase 1 periodontal therapy on pro-coagulant state in chronic periodontitis patients - a clinical and haematological study
  3. Commonly used topical oral wound dressing materials in dental and surgical practice - a literature review

 2013 Abstracts 59 No. 3 - June July 2013

  1. The dentist's role within the multidisciplinary team maintaining quality of life for oral cancer patients in light of recent advances in radiotherapy

2013 Abstracts 59 No. 2 - April May 2013 

  1. Prosthodontics at the crossroads: is this a “golden age”?
  2. North Cork HSE orthodontic treatment waiting list 2009-2010: retrospective audit of patient records 
  3. Changes in orthodontic treatment modalities in the past 20 years: exploring the link between technology and scientific evidence

 2013 Abstracts 59 No. 1 - February March 2013

Dental implants and single implant-supported restorations

2012 Abstracts 58 No. 6 - December January 2013

  1. Resin-bonded fixed partial dentures past and present - an overview
  2. Oral and overall health: clearing up the confusion
  3. Organisational engagement: an examination of members' engagement in the Irish Dental Association

 2012 Abstracts 58 No. 5 - October November

  1. Dental erosion - current perspectives for general practice
  2. Sugar tax and obesity
  3. The oral health benefits of chewing gum

 2012 Abstracts 58 No. 4 - August September

  1. Sporting injuries to the temporomandibular joint
  2. Mouthguard use and dental injury in sport: a questionnaire study of national school children in the west of Ireland
  3. Unitlateral coronoid hyperplasia assocated with early childhood facial trauma: a case presentation

2012 Abstracts 58 No. 3 - June July

  1. Lingual orthodontics: an illustrated review with the incognito fully customised appliance
  2. An in vitro scanned electron microscopic study comparing the efficacy of passive ultrasonic and syringe irrigation methods using sodium hypochlorite in removal of debris from the root canal system
  3. Radiographic evaluation of the technical quality of undergraduate endodontic 'competence' cases in the Dublin Dental University Hospital: an unit

 2012 Abstracts 58 No. 2 - April May

  1. Endodontic-periodontal management of a maxillary lateral incisor with an associated radicular lingual groove and severe periapical osseous destruction – a case report 
  2. Outcomes from the first mouth cancer awareness and clinical check-up day in the Dublin Dental University Hospital
  3. The development of mouth, head and neck cancer awareness in Ireland and results of Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2011

2012 Abstracts 58 No. 1 - Feb March

  1. Rationale for restoration of carious primary teeth
  2. Supporting career choices in dentistry

 2011 Abstracts 57 No. 6 - Dec Jan

  1. The management of dry socket / alveolar osteitis
  2. Fire safety in the dental practice: a literature review
  3. Cleft-affected children in Mayo: 1999-2007

2011 Abstracts 57 No. 5 - Oct Nov

  1. 1. A review of assessments of inappropriate payments in the DTSS
  2. 2. CBCT - The justification process, audit and review of the recent literature

 2011 Abstracts 57 No. 4 - Aug Sept

  1. Oral and neck examination for early detection of oral cancer - a practical guide
  2. A review of the role of alcohol in the pathogenesis of oral cancer and the link between alcohol-containing mouthrinses and oral cancer
  3. Performing mucosal tissue biopsies in general dental practice
  4. Oral cancer: knowledge, practices and opinions of dentists in Ireland

 2011 Abstracts 57 No. 3 - June July

  1. An audit of the caries status of patients about to start orthodontic treatment

2011 Abstracts 57 No. 2 - April May

  1. A survey to assess the provision of conscious sedation by general dental practitioners in the Republic of Ireland

 2011 Abstracts 57 No. 1 - Feb March

  1. The cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor celecoxib and alveolar osteitis
  2. An audit comparing the discrepancies between a verbal enquiry, a written history, and an electronic medical history questionnaire: a suggested medical history/social history form for clinical practice

2010 Abstracts 56 No. 6 - Dec Jan

  1.  Maxillary canine–first premolar transposition in the permanent dentition: treatment considerations and a case report
  2. Management of acute dislocation of the temporomandibular joint in dental practice

2010 Abstracts 56 No. 5 - Oct Nov 

  1. An audit of the quality of referral letters received by the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dublin Dental School and Hospital
  2. Factors influencing the provision of removable partial dentures by dentists in Ireland

2010 Abstracts 56 No. 4 - Aug Sept

  1. Survey of the provision of crowns by dentists in Ireland
  2. Fresh-frozen bone: case series of a new grafting material for sinus lift and immediate implants 

 2010 Abstracts 56 No. 3 - June July

  1. Diabetes mellitus and its relevance to the practice of dentistry
  2. Gerodontology – how big is the challenge in Ireland?

2010 Abstracts 56 No. 2 - April May

  1. Provision of dental care for special care patients: the view of Irish dentists in the Republic of Ireland
  2. Demographics of implant placement and complications of a patient subgroup in a dental hospital population

2010 Abstracts 56 No. 1 - Feb March

  1. Tooth agenesis in patients referred to an Irish tertiary care clinic for the developmental dental disorders
  2. Dentists’ approach to patients on anti-platelet agents and warfarin: a survey of practice
  3. Review of methods used in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the maxillofacial region

 2009 Abstracts 55 No. 6 – Dec Jan

  1. Career choices on graduation – a study of recent graduates from University College Cork
  2. The demographic and academic profile of Irish dental school faculty members
  3. Supernumerary pre-molar teeth in the mandible

 2009 Abstracts 55 No. 5 - Oct Nov

  1. The unerupted maxillary canine - a post-surgical review
  2. Reconstruction of the severely atrophic mandible with iliac crest grafts andendosteal implants: a report of two cases
  3. Antibiotics in odontogenic infection

2009 Abstracts 55 No. 4 – Aug Sept

  1. An effective bleaching technique for non-vital, discoloured teeth in children and adolescents
  2. Pericoronitis: treatment and a clinical dilemma

2009 Abstracts 55 No. 3 – June July

  1. Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice
  2. Alveolar lymphangioma in infants: report of two cases

2009 Abstracts 55 No. 2 – April May

  1. Molar incisor hypomineralisation: clinical management of the young patient
  2. IV access in dental practice
  3. Factors associated with postoperative sensitivity of amalgam restorations

2009 Abstracts 55 No. 1 – Feb March 

  1.  Factors to consider in the transition to digital radiological imaging
  2. Supernumerary teeth among Irish school children attending the public orthodontic service in Cork and Kerry
  3. Results of a peer review process: the distribution of codes by examining dentists in the Republic of Ireland 2006-2007

2008 Abstracts 54 No. 6 – Dec Jan 

  1. Infective endocarditis prophylaxis and the current AHA, BSAC, NICE and Australian guidelines
  2. Dentists in the DTSS between July 2007 and July 2008
  3. Quality assurance in dental radiography: intra-oral image quality analysis

2008 Abstracts 54 No. 5 - Oct Nov

  1. Renal disease and chronic renal failure in dental practice

2008 Abstracts 54 No. 5 - Oct Nov 

  1. The selection of adhesive systems for resin-based luting agent

 2008 Abstracts 54 No. 4 - Aug Sept

  1. Epilepsy in dental practice
  2. Orthognathic surgery demands of a regional orthodontic unit
  3. The establishment of a diagnostic reference level for intra-oral dental radiography in Co Wicklow

 2008 Abstracts 54 No. 3 - June July

  1. Orthodontic evolution: an update for the general dental practitioner Part 2: psychosocial aspects of orthodontic treatment, stability of treatment, and the TMJ-orthodontic relationship
  2. Clinical Audit - what, why and how?
  3. The relationship between pericoronitis, wisdom teeth, putative periodontal pathogens and the host response

2008 Abstracts 54 No. 2 - April May

  1. Sickle cell disease and dental treatment
  2. Prevalence and risk factors associated with denture-related stomatitis in healthy subjects attending a dental teaching hospital in North Joran
  3. Orthodontic evoluation: an update for the general dental practitioner. Part 1: recent advances, treatment need and demand and benefits of treatment

 2008 Abstracts 54 No. 1 - Feb March

  1.  The dental patient with a congenital bleeding disorder
  2. Oral health and orthodontic considerations in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: review of the literature and report of a case

2007 Abstracts 53 No. 4 - Winter

  1. Ridge splitting technique in atrophic anterior maxilla with immediate implants, bone regeneration and immediate temporisation: a case report
  2. Dental management of the anaemic patient
  3. Emergency management of avulsed permanent incisors: knowledge and attitudes of teachers in 15 Irish schools

2007 Abstracts 53 No. 3 - Autumn

  1. Tooth whitening: concepts and controversies
  2. Pharmacological management of acute dental pain
  3. The orthodontic workforce in Ireland: a report by the Orthodontic Society of Ireland

2007 Abstracts 53 No.2 - Summer

  1. The attitudes of undergraduate dental students to the use of the rubber dam
  2. The role of bitewing radiographs – a review of current guidelines

2007 Abstracts 53 No. 1 - Spring

  1. An audit of orthodontic referrals using IOTN as a comparison
  2. First permanent molars with molar incisor hypomineralisation
  3. Single unit CAD/CAM restorations: a literature review

2006 Abstracts 52 No. 4 - Winter

  1. Oral and dental aspects of Sjögren’s syndrome
  2. Vocational training in Ireland: An overview
  3. Avoiding perforations in endodontics
  4. An audit of the laboratory service provided to the health service executive orthodontic department, St James Hospital, Dublin

2006 Abstracts 52 No. 3 - Autumn

  1. Warning: Bisphosphonates and osteochemonecrosis of the jaws. An altert to general practitioners and the implications these drugs may have for their day-to-day practice
  2. Irrigants in non-surgical endodontic treatment. An examination of the ideal root canal system irrigant

2006 Abstracts 52 No. 2 - Summer

  1. HIV, HAART and dentistry: what you need to know
  2. The practice of conscious sedation by Senior Dental Surgeons in the Republic of Ireland
  3. Endodontic diagnosis: clinical aspects

2006 Abstracts 52 No. 1 - Spring

  1. Treatment of third molar teeth - survey
  2. Antibiotic prophylaxis for bacterial endocarditis – a study of knowledge and application of guidelines among dentists and cardiologists
  3. Tooth brushing, tooth wear and dentine hypersensitivity – are they associated?

2005 Abstracts 51 No. 4 - Winter

  1. Treating the third molar - asssessment
  2. Immediate Osseotite implants
  3. Clinical notes – identification of periodontal risk factors to restorative treatment

2005 Abstracts 51 No. 3 - Autumn

  1. Microbial contamination of dental unit water systems
  2. Attitudes of Irish and European dentists to water quality of dental unit water systems
  3. Management of drooling by transposition of the submandibular ducts and excision of the submandibular ducts and excision of the sublingual glands

2005 Abstracts 51 No. 2 - Summer

  1. Maxillary alveolar ridge augmentation using distraction Osteogenesis: a literature review and case report
  2. A survey of undergraduate orthodontic training and orthodontic practices by general dental practitioners
  3. The middle mesial canal of mandibular first molars

2005 Abstracts 51 No. 1 - Spring

  1. AIDS: the attitudes and experience of final year European dental students
  2. Parents’ preference as to whether they would like to accompany their children when receiving dental treatment
  3. Necrotizing sialometaplasia: an important diagnosis – review of the literature and spectrum of clinical presentation
  4. Orthodontic bonded retainers
  5. Dental perspectives on neuropathic origin

2004 Abstracts 50 No. 4 - Winter

  1. Nicorandil-induced severe oral ulceration
  2. Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies and dentistry
  3. A dental perspective on headache
  4. The provisional crown

2004 Abstracts 50 No. 3 - Autumn

  1. Practical crown and bridge for predictable aesthetics
  2. Overview of TMD and orofacial pain
  3. Statistical and clinical significance: alternative methods for understanding the importance of research findings
  4. Intraosseous mandibular lipoma (IML): A case report and review of the literature

2004 Abstracts 50 No. 2 - Summer

  1. Steam sterilisation and bench-top sterilisers
  2. Licensing of dental x-ray equipment

2004 Abstracts 50 No. 1 - Spring

  1. Maxillary midline diastema – aetiology and orthodontic treatment
  2. Bleaching – the facts and the myths – an indepth interview with bleaching expert, Dr Van Haywood
  3. Dentine Hypersensitivity : a review of the literature