Latest News & Press Releases

Latest News & Press Releases

First Annual Report of Programme which helps dentists and doctors with health difficulties

First Annual Report of Programme which helps dentists and doctors with health difficulties. Substance misuse was the most common standalone presenting problem followed by anxiety and depression.

Leading Public Service Dentist calls for introduction of oral health programme for pre-school children

New study shows cost of extractions for under fives under general anaesthetic could be 8 times more expensive than preventive programmes. Over 10,000 children having teeth extracted under GA per annum.

Nursing home patients are having up to 20 teeth extracted due to high sugar diet and lack of dental care

High sugar content supplements causing untold damage to dental health of nursing home patients. Elderly patients who have held onto their teeth for 80 years can lose them in three months. Gifts of sweets and lack of oral health programme exacerbating the situation. Senior dentist accuses HSE of reneging on its duty of care to 27,000 patients.

Dentists warn of potential dangers of dental infection

Dentists warn of potential dangers of dental infection. Call follows the death of a young Californian father of two.

National GP AGM 2017

Dr James Turner, Chair of the GP Group calls on members to attend the GP AGM in Croke Park this Saturday.

Dublin Docklands Dentist wins Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year 2016

Awards honour dentists who go above and beyond patient care as nominated by their patients

Dentists says negotiations with the Department of Social Protection will be required before any changes to the PRSI scheme can be introduced

“New or revised schemes will have to be evidence based for patients and economically viable for dentists”. Any revenues from new ‘Sugar Tax’ should go to oral healthcare programmes.

One in five Irish children is affected by dental trauma

Expert warns that children must wear properly fitting mouth guards.

Dentists warn that staff shortages and clinic closures are pushing Public Dental services to the brink

20% drop in HSE general dentists but the under 16 population has increased by 20%. In some parts of the country the number of extractions for children is on a par with fillings. Huge gaps in school screenings – almost 16,000 children in 6 community health areas missed school screenings last year Children as young as 2 having teeth extracted under general anaesthetic.

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