Latest News & Press Releases

Latest News & Press Releases

New President of Dental Association calls for new system of risk profiling patients

Dentists say new system of risk profiling patients may act as early warning system for chronic diseases. New IDA President says system needed to tackle health time bomb of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

IDA and IDU Annual Reports 2015

The 2015 Annual Reports for the Irish Dental Association and the Irish Dental Union have been published today.

IDA/IDU Annual General Meetings 2016

The Annual General Meetings of the Irish Dental Union and Irish Dental Association Ltd will commence at 6pm on Thursday 21st of April 2016 in the Radisson Hotel, Galway.

IDA Advice on Dental Amalgam

Dental amalgam has been used on patients for over 150 years. All available world-wide research indicates that amalgam is not harmful to health. This view is endorsed by the International Dental Federation, the International Association for Dental Research, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and many dental associations, including the American, British and Canadian associations.

General Election 2016 – Political Party Responses to IDA questions

In the run up to General Election 2016, the Association contacted political parties and alliances seeking their views on a number of important oral health concerns.

IDA Meetings on Probity and Best Practice

Important briefings for members on probity and best practice advice for dentists are being held around the country during March and April 2016.

IDA launch new online Learning Management System for members

Book and record all your CPD programme online

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