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GDPR Data Protection

The data protection arrangements of individual members are a matter for those members and we are not in a position to comment on individual cases. We are not specialist advisors. The documentation we provide is for information and does not constitute advice which can be relied upon in the absence of professional advice which reflects the particular circumstances of each dentist and /or their dental practice.

The Irish Dental Association, its servants or agents do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage occasioned by any person acting or refraining from acting as a result of the material we provide. Professional advice, including as appropriate legal, accountancy, taxation, actuarial and insurance advice should be sought independently.

In particular, members should ensure that any Agreement they choose to employ, whether based on a template agreement supplied by the Association or otherwise, adequately covers the particular individual arrangements within your practice If a template agreement provided by the Association is amended by a member or his / her advisers (e.g. to include additional clauses or text or to remove some of the existing text), it is important that the member should seek his/her own professional advice to ensure that the amendments do not create unforeseen tax or other consequences. The Association does make any warranty about the suitability of any template agreements supplied to members and accepts no liability arising out of the use of any such template agreements.