Guidance on peer reviewed articles

Guidance on peer reviewed articles

The purpose of the Journal of the Irish Dental Association is to provide good-quality information to support continuing education, professional development and best practice. We aim to benefit our members, our patients, and the wider dental profession by publishing original research studies, clinical case reports, position papers, literature reviews, brief communications, clinical features, clinical tips, and other material that is of interest to the Irish dental profession.

Articles must clearly state the problem and objective of the research, include a summary of relevant literature in the introduction, describe the research method, report the results briefly and accurately, discuss the results, and list the conclusions that can be drawn from the research.

Papers submitted to the Journal should not exceed 3,500 words, counting from the Introduction, and including referencing and tables.

Submissions must also include the JIDA Cover Sheet and Consent form.

For more detailed information read our guidance:

Guidance on peer reviewed articles

Author's consent form and checklist

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