Latest News & Press Releases

Latest News & Press Releases

HSE funded treatments under the Dental Treatment Service Scheme fall by over 16% between 2013 and 2016

Shocking impact of cuts in state funding for dental care as Ireland faces oral health crisis. Irish Dental Association calls for urgent action.

Dental Complaints Resolution Service handles 102 complaints in 2016

57% of cases resolved within the calendar year. Warning on DIY orthodontic care.

Dental extractions increase as State support for treatment falls

The Irish Times reports that state support for dental treatment, through PRSI and medical card schemes, has fallen from a high of almost €150 million in 2009 to less than €75 million last year.

Dentists express alarm over collapse in dental care spend

CSO figures show 57% reduction in household spending over past 5 years.

New President of Dental Association says it's time to end decades of neglect

New IDA President calls for: Urgent publication of new oral health policy. Appointment of a full time Chief Dental Officer. Proportion of revenue from sugar tax to go to oral health programmes. Ring fenced funding of dental care following cuts of €500m. Staff shortages in the public dental service to be addressed.

Leading dental expert calls for introduction of a ‘Use it or lose it voucher’ for first dental visit

Visit should happen before the 1st birthday. Call for schools and sports teams to stop distributing sugar containing drinks and treats. Sugar tax revenue could finance new children’s ‘first tooth, first visit’ programme.

Dentists reiterate call for monies raised through sugar tax to go to dental health

The Irish Dental Association has criticised a decision by the Minister for Finance not to ring fence revenue raised through the introduction of a sugar tax to fund oral health promotion initiatives. The IDA had previously called for a percentage of the revenue raised from any ‘sugar tax’ to be directed towards oral healthcare programmes.

Dental Council statement on orthodontic appliances provided directly to members of the public

The Dental Council has issued a statement on orthodontic appliances provided directly to members of the public as it has recently become aware that a number of manufacturers are providing orthodontic appliances directly to the public outside of the dental surgery setting.

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