Latest News & Press Releases

Latest News & Press Releases

Department of Health's new oral health strategy is doomed to failure without new relationship

Dental decay the most common reason for children to have a general anaesthetic Irish Dental Association describes Department of Health's lack of engagement on new National Oral Health Policy as "inexplicable, unwise and objectionable"

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2018

Dentists are partnering with the Irish Men’s Shed Association to increase awareness of the ‘silent killer’ by giving presentations to Men’s Sheds around the country. “The recession saved my life” one former cancer sufferer tells his story Two people die every week from mouth cancer

Dental Complaints Resolution Service Annual Report 2017

Thursday 30th August 2018. The Dental Complaints Resolution Service has issued its sixth annual report in which it gives details of the 128 complaints it dealt with in 2017.

Dentists describe Medical Card scheme as ‘broken and underfunded’ - IDA publishes major new survey of members

A new survey has found that the overwhelming majority of dentists have no confidence in the Medical Card Scheme and are dissatisfied with the level of care they are allowed to provide under it.

Dentists say it’s time to consign ‘unfit for purpose’ Medical Card Scheme to history New President of Irish Dental Association says revamped PRSI scheme shows what can be achieved with sufficient funding and a change of attitude

The Irish Dental Association has urged the Government to seize the opportunity which now exists to end the two-tier dental care system which exists in this country and to consign the ‘unfit for purpose’ DTSS /Medical Card Scheme to history.

2017 Annual Reports of the IDA and IDU - New IDU Constitution Approved

The 2017 Annual Reports of the Irish Dental Association and the Irish Dental Union are now available to view here.

Dental expert calls for introduction of national oral health programme for children

US study shows that leaving first dental visit to four or five costs twice as much

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