Board and Council

Board and Council

IDA Board of Directors 2019 / 2020

Prof Leo Stassen, President

Dr Siobhan Doherty

Dr Clodagh McAlister

Dr Rosemarie McGuire

Dr Niall Murphy

Dr Andrew Norris

Dr Kieran O'Connor

Dr Anne O'Neill

Dr Caroline Robins


IDU Council Membership 2019 / 2020

Honorary Officers

President: Prof Leo Stassen

Vice President: Dr Kieran O'Connor

President Elect: Dr Anne O'Neill

Honorary Secretary: Dr Clodagh McAlister

Honorary Treasurer : Dr Andrew Norris

Honorary Secretary Designate: Dr Caroline Robins


GP Group Representative: Dr Rosemarie McGuire

HSE Dental Surgeons Group Rep: Dr Niall Murphy

Honorary Membership Officer: Dr Siobhan Doherty

JIDA Representative: Dr Joe Hennessy

Elected Members

Dr Dina Dabic

Representative Members

South Eastern Branch Representative: Dr Mary O'Keeffe

North Eastern Branch Representative: Vacant

North Munster Branch Representative: Vacant

Munster Branch Representative: Dr Mairead Browne

Kerry Branch Representative: Dr Divya Moorthy

Metro Branch Representative: Dr Richard Lee Kin

Metro Branch Representative (2): Dr Rory Boyd

Western Branch Representative: Vacant

North Western Branch Representative: Vacant

HSE Dental Surgeons Group Rep: Dr Christine Myers

GP Group Rep: Dr Tim Lynch

GP Group Rep (2): Vacant

International Affairs Representative: Dr Nuala Carney

QPSC Representative: Dr Gerald O'Connor


Co-opted Members