Latest News & Press Releases

Latest News & Press Releases

Dentists to Brief Patients on Ireland’s ‘Dental Crisis’ During General Election Campaign

Proposed National Oral Health Policy will be a prime focus for dentists. Irish Dental Association to canvas political parties on key topics.

Prof Leo Stassen: Gaps in dental plan will cause damage.

Opinion editorial article from Irish Examiner 9th December 2019

Irish Dental Association warns that there is “no prospect” of free dental care for children under 6 next year

Issue is not a dispute over fees but a disagreement on the appropriate model to deliver dental services to children

Dental Complaints Resolution Service publishes 2018 Annual Report

The 2018 Annual Report of the Dental Complaints Resolution Service (DCRS) shows that of the 123 complaints accepted by the DCRS in 2018, two-thirds of cases were resolved.

Public Dental Service Needs Extra Dentists Urgently to Address Waiting Lists

Decrease of up to 23% in dentists employed by HSE for school screening. Increasing numbers of children only being offered appointments to be screened for the first time at sixth class (confirmed as policy in Cork). Waiting lists of 24-30 months for specialist dental treatments. IDA will ballot for industrial action if HSE makes unilateral changes to terms and conditions of HSE dentists.

IDA Budget Reaction: ‘Serious concerns’ over plan to introduce free dental care for under-6s

Dentists want alternative models examined given concerns over Minister’s proposed new model. Interim plan required urgently to rebuild the public school dental service. Proposal’s timelines are unrealistic.

New policy on oral health policy seriously flawed, say dentists

New policy on oral health policy seriously flawed, say dentists
Irish Times article by Martin Wall, Monday 13th May 2019

Dentists says lack of funding means new oral health policy lacks credibility

ESRI costings are totally unrealistic and based on fees that are over ten years old. Warning that patients could be left facing ‘worst of both worlds’.

Dentists warn that new oral health policy will be judged on what it delivers, not what it promises

The Irish Dental Association has warned the Government that its new oral health policy, ‘Smile agus Sláinte’ will be judged by what it delivers, not what it promises.

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