Dental Complaints Resolution Service publishes 2018 Annual Report

Dental Complaints Resolution Service publishes 2018 Annual Report

(08 Nov 2019)

The 2018 Annual Report of the Dental Complaints Resolution Service (DCRS) shows that of the 123 complaints accepted by the DCRS in 2018, two-thirds of cases were resolved.

This rate does not reflect the extent of dentists and patients reaching resolution after contacting the DCRS. Often when a case is resolved between patient and dentist after the DCRS asks them to speak to each other, neither informs the Service of this, which means the case stays marked as open on our records.

Of the confirmed resolutions the most common outcome was a refund of fees, followed by payment for remedial treatment and apologies. The other methods of resolution were re-treatment, an explanation where there was no substance to the complaint and some cases were closed without being resolved.

Most common complaints

Failure of treatment was the most common subject of complaints, with 18 cases recorded. This was followed by root canal treatment at 14 cases. Failure to address a complaint was also given as the reason behind 14 complaints, showing how important dealing with problems when they arise is. A total of 11 complaints also related to a failure to explain treatment costs and details

Free for IDA Members

The Dental Complaints Resolution Service was launched in May 2012. It aims to assist dental patients and participating dentists to resolve complaints about dental services. Only patients of dentists that are members of the Irish Dental Association, or of those dentists who have specifically signed up to participate in the Dental Complaints Resolution Service, may use this service. The Service is free of charge for IDA members. A charge will apply for non-members. For more information on the Service, contact the IDA or go to the Dental Complaints Resolution Service website.

Click here to read the DCRS 2018 Annual Report.