Latest news & Press Releases

Latest news & Press Releases

Dentists warn that oral piercings can lead to serious illness

Tongue piercings can affect speech, sense of taste and cause drooling

IDA calls on Minister to restore all essential preventive treatments

76% of dentists have seen incomes fall over the past two years

Dentists Adopt Consensus Statement on Benefits of Fluoridation

The Irish Dental Association has adopted a consensus statement on the benefits of fluoridation. The statement succinctly explains the continued and long held support of the Association for the policy of community water fluoridation in Ireland.

IDA hosts meeting of Council of European Dentists

European dentists adopt policy on Continuing Professional Development and Tobacco Products Directive, confirm their position on Medical Devices and decide on the theme of the European Oral Health Day

An estimated 100,000 Irish people suffer from sleep apnoea

90% of those who suffer from the disorder remain undiagnosed

3 out of 4 people here do not avail of free check ups

European study of 7 countries shows Irish adults worst for attending routine dental examinations

Dental Complaints Resolution Service issues its first Annual Report

The first annual report gives details of the 115 complaints handled so far.

Annual Reports Show Another Busy Year for Dental Bodies

The Annual Reports for both the Union and the Association show that 2012 was yet another busy year for both bodies.

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