Latest News & Press Releases

Latest News & Press Releases

Tooth Whitening Update

Legislation is expected to be enacted in Ireland by next October which will finally bring some certainty in regulating the sourcing and use of tooth whitening products.

AEEDC Dubai 2012

UAE International Dental Conference

HSE Spends €11.5m less on dental care for Medical Card Patients in 2011 than promised

The Irish Dental Union described the underspend as an outrage and called on the Minister for Health to launch an immediate investigation

Ireland's Sensitive Dentist of the Year announced

A Regular Dental Check Up Could Be A Life Saver Irish Patient Owes His Live To Dentist

HSE cutting spending as number of Medical Card Holders increases by half a million

The Irish Dental Association has said that a 2% reduction in HSE spending at a time when the number of medical card holders has increased by 500,000 will mean thousands of card holders will now be denied proper dental care.

Dentists reiterate call for Public Health Warnings on Soft Drinks

The Irish Dental Association has warned that a diet high in sugary, energy-dense foods has serious implications not alone for dental health but can also lead to chronic health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Dentists say any Revenue from 'Sugar Tax' should go to dental care

The Irish Dental Association has called on the Government to ensure that all revenue raised from a proposed 'sugar tax' should go to financing the restoration of the two main dental schemes.

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