Latest News & Press Releases

Latest News & Press Releases

Public dental services at crisis point

Dentists call on Government to lift the embargo on recruitment ahead of meeting with Minister White

1.7m Irish people fail to avail of free dental examinations

Dentists call for dental vouchers to be issued along with P60s New President calls for reintroduction of treatments under the PRSI scheme

HSE is exposing medical card patients to health risks

Patients forced to avail of multiple antibiotic prescriptions in contravention of HSE’s own guidelines IDA calls on Minister White to introduce maximum waiting times for patients

Dental Complaints Resolution Service Annual Report 2013

Dental Complaints Resolution Service handled 130 complaints in 2013. Service calls for tighter regulations for businesses that fit out premises as dental practices and then let them to dentists.

IDA and IDU 2013 Annual Reports Published

Copies of the Annual Reports of the IDA and IDU can be viewed online.

Dentists say WHO directive on sugar is a wake-up call for young Irish people – and their parents

IDA reiterates call for public health warnings on soft drinks and food products 3 out of 4 Irish children suffering from tooth decay by the time they are 15

Dentists warn that halitosis may blow Valentine’s Day love away

One in four adults suffer from chronic bad breath

New dental health survey shows 80% of Irish adults believe their gums are healthy however 80% of Irish people have some form of gum disease.

New dental health survey shows most Irish adults believe their teeth and gums are healthy and look good.

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