Latest News & Press Releases

Latest News & Press Releases

New HSE Service Plan = Same Old Dental Cutbacks

4m patients face into 6th year of €100m cuts

Major Dental Report Recommends Prioritising Treatment for the Under 6's

First National Oral Health Forum Report The Report recommends: - Putting oral health on an equal footing with other health services - Prioritising treatment for the 0-6 age group - Investigating the intelligent use of patient co-payments - Defining the roles of all the key stakeholders in oral health - Establishing a foundation training scheme for dentists

Dentists outraged at HSE’s sudden closure of St James’s Hospital Dental Clinic

Clinic treats around 3,000 children a year but no alternative facilities put in place. HSE dentists fearful of raising concerns over stealth cuts.

Public Dental Service under intolerable pressure.

New President of Public Dental Surgeons says HSE has to fulfil its obligations to patients and its staff

Dental professor says combination of fluoridated water and fluoride toothpaste works best in tackling dental decay

Conference hears that poor diet and poor brushing means risk factors for caries are high for Irish people. Recent reports from New Zealand and UK show fluoridation is safe and effective. Politicians urged to focus on science and to consider consequences of their decisions.

Leaders of 1m+ Dentists Across 134 Countries Endorse Fluoridation in Promoting Oral Health

Leaders of 1m+ Dentists Across 134 Countries Endorse Fluoridation in Promoting Oral Health

Free mouth cancer examinations at over 500 dental surgeries nationwide on MCAD – Wednesday 17th September

“Don’t die of embarrassment; don’t be afraid to be stupid” Two people die every week from mouth cancer and incidence appears to be on the rise Catch 22 – twenty two cases of mouth cancer discovered on Mouth Cancer Awareness Day

Establishing good dental habits is key for school starters

Dentists issue warning on high energy sports and fruit drinks “Parents need to be aware of the importance of fissure sealants, mouth guards, and the importance of early dental visits and routine dental care.”

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