Latest News & Press Releases

Latest News & Press Releases

Up to one million patients are postponing dental treatments due to cutbacks to state schemes

New research shows dental health in crisis. 77% of dentists have seen an increase in patients presenting in pain while 93% have seen an increase in extractions

New Regulations for Tooth Whitening come into force today

Procedure now limited to dentists only. EU Directive bans dangerous products and limits whitening to over 18s.

The Faculty of Dentistry of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Annual Scientific Meeting 2012 - An Overview of Aesthetic Dentistry

Young teenagers failed miserably by HSE dental crisis

Public Dental Service unable to treat vast majority of young teenagers due to shortage of resources.

Launch of Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2012

Lucky 13 - Thirteen people found to have cancers on Mouth Cancer Awareness Day last year

Blame for Dental Crisis Rests Squarely with Indifferent Government

In response to a recent article in the Irish Independent, IDA chief executive Fintan Hourihan responds and seeks to correct a misleading impression as to the causes of the current dental crisis

Dentists issue top tip guide for school starters

Dentists issue top tip guide for school starters Good dental habits for children key to good dental health TEN TOP TIPS FOR SCHOOL STARTERS

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