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2017 Annual Reports of the IDA and IDU - New IDU Constitution Approved

(06 Apr 2018)

The 2017 Annual Reports of the Irish Dental Association and the Irish Dental Union are now available to view here.

The financial reports and motions for consideration at this year’s AGMs for both the Association and the Union, which take place on Thursday, April 26th 2018, are also included.

The Irish Dental Association was formed in 1922 and the Irish Dental Union ("the Union") was established in 2011 as a trade union registered with the Registrar of Friendly Societies.  In order to become a member of the Irish Dental Association ("the Association"), a dentist first applies for membership of the Union which, where approved, entitles them to membership of the Association.

The Irish Dental Association was formed in 1922 as the direct successor to the now defunct 'Irish Branch of the British Dental Association'. In the course of the last almost century, the Association has been linked with many changes and innovations in the advancement of dentistry in Ireland, working to promote the advancement of the interests of the dental profession and promoting the well-being of our country’s population through the attainment of optimum oral health.

The Union is Ireland's newest trade union and acts as the only representative body for the entire dental profession. Membership of the Union entitles dentists to become members also of the Association which provides educational and scientific services as well as advocating for better oral health.

IDU Constitution

On a separate note, the Registrar of Friendly Societies has formally approved a number of rule changes to the Constitution of the Irish Dental Union as agreed at last year’s AGM.  A copy of the revised Constitution can be viewed here.

The rule changes allow for a new category of membership to cater for dentists who are over 60 and have resigned from the register of the Dental Council and who have been in membership of the IDA for at least ten years prior to retirement.

The rules also provide for loss of membership rights and benefits if subscriptions are unpaid or in arrears after March 31st (provision is made separately for those members who pay by bankers order).  Provision has also been made for the establishment of a Motions Committee to consider motions submitted to the AGM. Any queries in regard to the Constitution should be addressed to IDA House.