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Starting Dentistry in Ireland

Starting as a dentist in Ireland, whether as a local graduate or an experienced dentist from overseas, is an exciting but challenging time.

IDA has developed a guide for members that is intended to be a useful, go-to resource for dentists who have recently graduated or who are newly arrived to Ireland.

Those starting their dentistry career in Ireland will need to familiarise themselves with a great deal of information beyond just the clinical, and the guide attempts to cover most of what you need to know. It is intended as a concise overview with website links where you can find further detailed information on a particular topic should you require it.

The manual should be used in conjunction with the other sections of the IDA’s members website where you can find a great deal of further information on best practice and practice management issues.

Download the ‘Starting Dentistry in Ireland’ booklet here.

If you would like a hardcopy of the booklet sent to you, please contact IDA House.