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Dates of Interest to the IDA

1878 First Dentist’s Act, Licentiate in Dental Surgery (RCSI) instituted.

1879 First Dentists Register published.

1880 Foundation of the British Dental Association

1884 Dr T Stack appointed Professor of Dentistry, RCSI (first such Professor in these islands)

1887 Foundation of the Irish Branch of the British Dental Association

1888 Annual General Meeting of BDA held in Dublin. The President was Daniel Corbett (Dublin). His father, Joseph, was a Cork dentist who improved the quality of porcelain and introduced a new type of tooth in 1840. His son, Daniel Junior joined the founder members of the Dental Hospital of Ireland in 1879.

1889 Dental Hospital of Ireland moved to Lincoln Place and in 1889 it became the Incorporated Dental Hospital of Ireland.

1895 First female dentist admitted to Dentist Register.

1904 The University of Dublin commenced conferring Degrees in Dentistry.

1908 The National University of Ireland was established and University College Dublin started a Dental School and conferred its first Dental Degree in 1913.

1908 Annual General Meeting of BDA held in Belfast. The topic discussed was “Illegal Practice”. First Golf Competition held for the “Irish Cup”.

1911 National Health Act introduced – but just barely embracing dentistry.

1913 University College Cork Dental School established. Ireland had approximately 200 dentists in total. Dublin had 100, Belfast 44, Cork 14 and the rest of the country had 42. Social Welfare dentistry discussed by the Irish Branch of the British Dental Association.

1917 The Surgeon Dentists Association formed – later dissolved.

1920 Dental School in Belfast established.

1921 The Dentists Act restricted practice to those whose name appeared on the Dentist’s Register. Some members of the Irish Branch were unhappy with those unqualified practitioners being allowed to use the title ‘dentist’.
Social Welfare Benefit became operative in Ireland. Fee for F/F £3.00

 December 6th – Signing of the Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland. This was instrumental in nullifying the Constitution of the Irish Branch of the BDA.

1922 January 17th – Council of the Irish Branch of the BDA decided that a new Society of Dental Surgeons practising in Ireland be formed. A provisional committee was set up to meet on the 11th February and acted for the Association until January 1923.

February 10th – Irish Dental Association formed in Dublin. It had a small membership, no secretariat, no office and a subscription of one guinea. Mr Walby was elected President – an Englishman qualified in Scotland and practising in Belfast. He later withdrew from that office.

December 15th – Irish Branch of the British Dental Association dissolves itself.

1923 January 12th – First Annual General Meeting of the Irish Dental Association was held, Mr Cockburn was elected President, an Englishman working in Dublin.

January 27th – Formal dissolution of the Irish Branch of the BDA. Formal formation of the North of Ireland Branch of the BDA.

November 3rd – Irish Dental Association Official Dinner where the toast to ‘The King’ was honoured. This turned out to be an unfortunate decision as conflict amongst members lasted for several years.

1925 January – Annual General Meeting decided to maintain the name ‘The Irish Dental Association’.

1927 Additional Benefits for insured persons were provided by some commercial Insurance Companies but were administered by the National Health Insurance Commission. It would appear that as long as fees for dentures were satisfactory little opposition to the overall plan would be expected.

1928 August 3rd – Introduction of Saorstát Éireann Dentist Bill.

November 19th – First Dental Board Meeting held in Custom House. President was Mr J Hogan.

1929 May 15th – Register of Dentists in Ireland established. Registration Fee was £3.3.0. In the first printed Dental Register, 556 names appeared. Of that figure 250 were qualified by Degree or Licence. 275 were admitted under category 'Dentist 1921'. 32 were admitted under category 'Dentist 1928'. The Dental Board purchased 57 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 in 1932.

1930 IDA Membership was about 150.

1931 Irish Dental Association was admitted to Membership of the Federation Dentaire International.

1933 IDA AGM was held in Galway.

Example of Salaries Dublin Dental Hospital
Part-time Dean £250 per annum, was previously £50
Junior House Surgeon £50 per annum
Matron £100 plus board & accommodation
Senior Nurse £1.10.0 per week
Hall Porter £0.15.0 per week

1939 Dental Benefit Scheme suspended about this time
Annual Dinner discontinued until 1945
Approximately 36,000 patients seeking extractions at Dublin Dental Hospital.
Second World War declared.

1942 November – National Health Society now responsible for Dental Services. Some of the fees agreed – Extractions 2/6, fillings 7/6, dentures F/F £6, Crowns £1.12.6, including root treatment. Patients earning £250 not covered.

1944 Odontological Society formed as a club within the IDA. Irish Dental Association branches formed in Cork, Limerick, Dundalk, Drogheda, Cavan and Sligo. A couple of years later a Donegal branch was formed.

1945 Irish Dental Association Dinner held at the Royal College of Surgeons, the first Dinner since 1939. The Journal of the IDA was launched.

1948 First post-war Annual Session of the FDI held in Dublin.

1949 October- Irish Dental Benevolent Society formed – President was JW Daunt and the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer was T O’Looney. Donations included £1,000 from the Dental Board and £100 from the IDA.

Odontological Society applied for membership of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland and held its first meeting in 1950 there as the Odontological Section of the Academy.

1951 Irish Dental Association opened its ranks to Members of the Incorporated Dental Society.

1952 Dental Library was established. IDA Subscription rate increased to 2 guineas.
There were now 574 registered dental practitioners in Ireland.

Notice was brought to the Dental Board that “Illegal Practice” was still a major problem in some parts of the country.

1957 Metropolitan Branch of IDA was formed. The IDA had the occasional use of a room at 27 South Frederick Street, which was the office of its Accountants, Cremin McCarthy.

Sydney Henchie appointed as Honorary Secretary to the Dental Benevolent Society.

1958 Full time secretariat appointed to IDA – Mr JJ Ivers.
Membership subscription raised to £10. IDA committed to the principle of fluoridation.

1959 January 25th – South Eastern Branch of IDA was formally inaugurated in Tramore

February 13th – North Western Branch established.

Head office acquired for IDA at 23 Harcourt Street for £230 per annum and a 10 year lease.

1960 June 19th to 25th – The 48th Annual Session of the Federation Dentaire International was held in Dublin. The opening ceremony was held at the Shelbourne Hotel with 550 guests. Conclusion Ball was held in the Gresham Hotel. Honorary membership of the IDA was conferred on Dr H Hillenbrand and Dr G Leatherman.

1961 Ladies Committee of the Dental Benevolent Society formed.
Display Stand on Oral Hygiene at the Dublin Horse Show
Public Dental Officers Meeting in Galway. Dr Becker Dicks addressed the meeting.

1963 IDA receiving an annual grant for meetings from the Dental Board.
Faculty of Dentistry at the RCSI inaugurated.
The Incisor Club was dissolved and the Irish Dental Credit Union formation in progress.
Dublin Dental Hospital Board established and Consultant/Professors appointed.

1964 Dublin Public Water Supplies Fluoridated.

There was an increase of 20% in the Department of Social Welfare Dental Benefit scale of fees.

IDA Galway Scientific Meeting in Galway was a great success.

1965 IDA Scientific Meeting in Waterford was a great success.
The holding of Annual Scientific Meetings now well established.

June - British Dental Association Annual Conference held in Belfast. The IDA participated.

June – Formal opening of new Dental Unit in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda. This Unit was funded by a donation from an American Dental Surgeon and his friends.

29 Kenilworth Square was purchased by the IDA for £8,500 (approx)

Membership of the IDA was about 400 and subscription was 15 guineas.

1966 October – Public Dental Officers Seminar held in Parknasilla. Guest speakers were Professor JJ Holsf, Copenhagen, and Dr VH Bowen, London.

1967 Irish Dental Association, by referendum, adopted the use of the courtesy “Doctor”

1971 Fluoridation completed for half of the total population of the Republic. 75 supply outlets.