Latest news & Press Releases

Latest news & Press Releases

Annual Reports Show Another Busy Year for Dental Bodies

The Annual Reports for both the Irish Dental Union and the Irish Dental Association show that 2012 was yet another busy year for both bodies.

Dentists highlight potential breaches of new Tooth Whitening Regulations

"Serious concerns" to be raised at upcoming National Council Meeting

IDA briefs Minister with responsibility for Primary Care

IDA meets Alex White and updates him on current state of oral healthcare in Ireland

Dentists issue new guidelines for the public on mouthguards

IDA President says new GAA Rule must be enforced

Dentists issue new guidelines on mouthguards

IDA President says new GAA rule must be enforced

Dentists welcome new rules for tooth whitening & mouthguards and issue top tip guide for better dental health in 2013

The Irish Dental Association, has welcomed the introduction of new rules on tooth whitening and mouthguards which it says will offer greater dental protection to the public in 2013.

Dental Complaints Resolution Service proves a success in first 6 months of operation

A new voluntary service set up to offer patients the opportunity to resolve complaints about their dental treatment in a fair and timely manner has handled over 100 complaints and queries in the first six months of its operation.

Up to one million patients are postponing dental treatments due to cutbacks to state schemes

New research shows dental health in crisis. 77% of dentists have seen an increase in patients presenting in pain while 93% have seen an increase in extractions

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