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Irish Dental Association

The Irish Dental Association (IDA) is governed by a Board of Directors which is made up of members of the profession. 

Irish Dental Union 

The Irish Dental Union (IDU) looks after the representative activities for our members. The IDU is governed by Rules and Bye-Laws. 

The IDU is managed by an Executive Committee.

There are three main representative groups:

  1. GP Group
  2. HSE Dental Surgeons Group
  3. Limited Group

1 Map of Ireland

At a local level, the IDU has ten branches around the country: 

  1. Eastern
  2. Kerry
  3. Metro
  4. Midlands
  5. Munster
  6. North Eastern
  7. North Munster
  8. North Western
  9. South Eastern
  10. Western

The Council of the IDU deals with policy issues. The Council is made up of:

  • Members of the Executive Committee (9 members)
  • One representative from each of the ten branches except the Metro Branch which has two
  • Representative from the GP Group
  • Representative from the HSE Dental Surgeons Group
  • Representative from the Limited Group
  • The Editor of the Journal of the Irish Dental Association
  • Council of European Dentists Representative
  • Up to three Elected Members