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Leaders of 1m+ Dentists Across 134 Countries Endorse Fluoridation in Promoting Oral Health

(22 Sep 2014)

Dental leaders, representing over one million dentists in 134 countries have reaffirmed their strong support for fluoridation as essential in promoting oral health.

The assembly of the annual meeting of the FDI, world dental federation, reaffirmed its strong support for fluoridation at its meeting which concluded in New Delhi, India last week. The full statement can be viewed here: /_fileupload/FDI%202014%20Statement%20re%20Water%20Fluoridation.docx

The FDI statement recognises that more than 370 million people in over 27 countries receive the benefits of water fluoridation.

In recognition of the importance of promoting oral health through water fluoridation, the FDI World Dental Federation states that:

Over seventy years of research and recent systematic reviews have shown that water fluoridation is an effective public health measure for the prevention of dental decay in children and adults.

Water fluoridation is particularly appropriate for populations demonstrating moderate to high risk of dental decay.

Water fluoridation confers positive health savings and contributes to reducing disparities in the rates of dental decay in communities.

At the fluoride concentrations recommended for the prevention of dental decay, scientific research and reviews show that human general health is not adversely affected.