IDA makes submission under FEMPI Act

IDA makes submission under FEMPI Act

(06 Jun 2012)

The Minister for Health is currently conducting his annual review of the Regulations made under the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act, 2009 (FEMPI Act). These Regulations reduced payments to various health professionals participating in state schemes i.e. Dentists participating in the DTSS, General Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists etc.

Under the legislation, the Minister for Health is obliged to review the Regulations every year. On foot of the review, the Minister may decide to make no changes in payments, to impose further reductions or to increase payments. The IDA has been successful in the past three years in ensuring that no further reductions have been made to the DTSS fees.

The IDA made a written submission to the Minister. 

The IDA also met with officials from the Department of Health and the HSE where we personally explained the financial difficulties the cuts have resulted in dental practices while also highlighting the drastic effects of the cuts on the health of patients.

The Department informed us that the Minister will make his decision (i.e. to make no further changes, impose further reductions or to increase payments) by the 30th June next.