IDA hosts meeting of Council of European Dentists

IDA hosts meeting of Council of European Dentists

(28 May 2013)


Representatives of CED member and observer organisations met in Dublin, Ireland on 24 and 25 May 2013 for a regular six-monthly General Meeting, under the chairmanship of CED President Dr.Wolfgang Doneus. The meeting was hosted by the Irish Dental Association, in the context of the Irish EU Presidency. The meeting started with a welcome address by the Minister for Primary Care in Ireland, Mr Alex White. The second day of the meeting started with an address by Mr Jo Leinen, Member of the European Parliament and President of the European Movement International.

The Council of European Dentists (CED) is a European not-for-profit association which represents over 340,000 practising dentists through 32 national dental associations and chambers from 30 European countries. Its key objectives are to promote high standards of oral healthcare and effective patient-safety centred professional practice across Europe, including through regular contacts with other European organisations and EU institutions. 


During the plenary session, Members of the CED unanimously adopted a Resolution on continuing professional development of dentists (CPD). CED Members stressed that engaging in CPD is a professional obligation of every European dentist who in order to assure the quality of patient care must update professional knowledge and skills throughout the entire professional life.

The CED recognizes that health systems delivering oral healthcare are different across the European Union and supports the diversity of continuing education activities on offer and the principle of free choice by the practitioners that are in line with the policy of each Member State. Therefore, the CED recommends some general principles that can serve European dentists and CPD providers as a basis for their programme development.

CED Resolution: Continuing Professional Development of Dentists 


CED Members unanimously adopted a Resolution on the proposed tobacco products Directive which is currently being considered by the European Parliament and the Council. The European dentists welcomed the European Commission’s initiative to review EU legislation on tobacco (Directive 2001/37/EC) and strongly support it as it aims at improving general and oral health of European citizens. The CED particularly supports initiatives related to tobacco use and call for de-normalization of tobacco products.

The European dentists further welcome the Commission’s intention to be guided while preparing the Proposal by the need of a high level of health protection and the decision to focus on provisions that would reduce the prevalence and uptake of smoking, especially among young people. The CED supports also the intention for the Proposal to encourage full implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which is binding for the EU and all Member States.

CED Resolution: On the Proposed Tobacco Products Directive 


CED Members confirmed their position on the future Regulation on medical devices which is currently being considered by the European Parliament and the Council.

Dental fillings should not be considered as implantable devices to prevent that the requirement of an implant card applies to them as it would significantly increase administration and costs in dental care without a corresponding improvement in patient safety. In addition, the CED is opposed to the suggestion of an implant card which could easily be mislaid or lost. The information about the implant should be recorded and kept in the patient’s dental record. The CED is concerned about the ambiguity inherent in the suggestions on reprocessing of single-use devices and supports attempts to oblige manufacturers to present to users full and evidence-based information about the possibility and risks of reprocessing. While the European dentists support exclusion of custom-made devices from the UDI, UDI system should be restricted to highest risk medical devices to avoid excessive administrative and financial burden in healthcare. The CED also calls for consultation with stakeholders before adopting implementing and delegated acts and stakeholders’ participation in plenary meetings of the Medical Devices Coordination Group to ensure continued transparency and inclusiveness of the EU regulatory system for medical devices. Finally, CED Members are opposed to classification of all nanomaterials as risk class III. This classification should be restricted to medical devices incorporating or consisting of nanomaterials intended to be intentionally released in the human body. 


CED Board recommended to CED Member Associations to focus on the theme “Oral health and tobacco” on the occasion of the European Oral Health Day on 12 September 2013. The choice of the theme was guided by the fact that tobacco use is one of the greatest public health challenges the world faces today and that EU legislation on tobacco is currently being reviewed by the European Institutions. This represents a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the links between tobacco use and oral health and about the important role dentists can and increasingly do play in smoking cessation across the EU. 

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