Dublin dentist wins Sensitive Dentist of the Year Award – Dr. Karl Cassidy wins for his timely referral of a patient for further medical investigation which saved his patient’s life

Dublin dentist wins Sensitive Dentist of the Year Award – Dr. Karl Cassidy wins for his timely referral of a patient for further medical investigation which saved his patient’s life

(07 Dec 2015)

Dr. Karl Cassidy a dentist from Shelbourne Dental Clinic, Dublin 4 has been named ‘Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year 2015’.   Dr. Cassidy was nominated by his patient Akvile Martinkenaite who said Dr. Cassidy had saved her life by insisting she went for urgent further medical investigation which resulted in the timely diagnosis and successful treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. 

Ms. Martinkenaite said, “In refusing to accept my GPs diagnosis of mumps and by stressing the need for urgent action on my part in a calm and professional way he saved my life.    I was told by my consultant that only for the timely intervention of Dr. Cassidy I would not be here today.   I will be grateful to Dr. Cassidy for the rest of my life.”

Dr. Cassidy who also took the accolade of Dublin Regional winner said he was honoured to receive the award.  “A visit to the dentist is no longer only about a filling, a crown, or a cleaning, but can be a matter of life and death. Dental examinations, which include routine screenings for oral cancer, and which can allow the dentist pick-up on warning signs related to other health matters can save lives.”

Outstanding acts of patient care recognised at the awards include helping a patient with a dental phobia to overcome her fears, empathy with an end of life patient, out-of-hours access to emergency treatment for a new patient and the compassionate approach shown to a vulnerable patient in recovery from an addiction, among others.

The awards invite patients to nominate their dentist if they believe they have gone above and beyond normal patient care in treating patients.   Hundreds of nominations were received from patients with a total of eighteen dentists honoured at the awards which were held in the RDS Concert Hall, Dublin last night (See full list of winners below).  

Professor Leo Stassen, Honorary Editor, Journal of the Irish Dental Association said the awards highlight the excellence of the Irish dental profession through the eyes of the patient and reinforce the importance of the dentist/patient relationship.  “The dental profession are committed to the delivery of the highest standards in patient care and for patients to advocate their trust and confidence in this way is a very powerful testament to the work dentists do right across the country.”

Mr. Philip Keenan, Marketing Manager for Oral Care, GlaxoSmithKline, parent company of Sensodyne, said the success of the awards over the past seven years is the willingness of patients to embrace the opportunity to tell their wonderful stories.   We are delighted to support the awards programme again this year and look forward to our involvement for many years to come” Mr. Keenan said.


2015 Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year Awards - List of Winners

Overall and Regional Dublin Winner - Dr Karl Cassidy, Dublin 4 – for his insistence on further medical investigation resulting in diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia which saved the patient’s life.

Connacht Regional Winner - Dr Miriam Grady, County Mayo - for her outstanding empathy towards an end of life patient.

Munster Regional Winner - Dr Marcas Mac Domhnaill, North Kerry – for his treatment of post-chemotherapy patients.

Ulster Regional Winner - Dr Rachael Frazer, Co Cavan – for top class dental care in transforming her patient’s teeth and smile and restoring her self-confidence.

Rest of Leinster Regional Winner - Dr Caroline Robins, Carlow – for her expert care and sensitivity in the crowning of six front teeth on a bone cancer patient.