IDA Press Campaign

IDA Press Campaign

Below please find the press releases issued by the Irish Dental Association relating to Covid 19 and a selection of media coverage across different platforms.


Press Releases

May 8th - Irish Dental Association Describes Meeting with Minister for Health as 'Constructive'

May 5th - Survey of dentists highlights dramatic impact of Covid-19 on patients' oral health and on livelihood of dentists

April 26th - IDA accuses Government of ‘ignoring effective collapse of dental profession in Ireland’ 

April 6th - IDA urges Governement to open emergency dental centres for all patients

March 20th - IDA calls on the HSE to establish Regional Network of Designated Dental Emergency Centres

March 18th - IDA warns that the dental profession is on the brink of collapse

March 16th - IDA warns that dental services severely impacted by Covid 19 crisis


Media Coverage

May 19th - Irish Independent - Precautions: Dentists adjust to new way of doing business

May 18th - RTE Claire Byrne Live - Dr Gillian Smith interviewed about return to routine dentistry (16 minutes)

May 18th - RTE Radio Today with Sarah McInerney - Dr Kieran O'Connor interviewed about dentists returning to work

May 18th - Cork 96FM - Dr Kieran O'Connor interviewed about dentists returning to work

May 15th - Irish Times - Dentists adhering to new guidance can open next week

May 14th - RTE Six One News - Dentists and PPE

May 13th - RTE Radio Live Line - CEO Fintan Hourihan discusses PPE for dentists and other issues

May 12th - RTE website - Dentists awaiting 'clear direction' over safeguards

May 12th - RTE Radio Today with Sarah McInerney - CEO Fintan Hourihan interviewed about Covid-19: Dentists re-opening

May 10th - Sunday Independent - Lifting the lid on new Covid-19 waiting lists

May 8th - Newstalk Radio - Dentists ask Government for 'urgent assistance' to deal with Covid-19

May 5th - Irish Independent - Dentists fear lockdown poses 'grave threat to nation's oral health'

May 5th - The Times - Dentists warn risk of collapse is threat to nation’s health

May 5th - - Majority of dentists fear Covid-19 poses high risk to 'sustainability' of their practice

April 29th - RTE Radio News at One - Dental surgery impacted by COVID-19

April 27th -  Vice President, Dr Anne O’Neill, interviewed by Radio na Gaeltachta

April 26th - Rte Radio This Week, CEO Fintan Hourihan discussing the financial crisis facing the sector

April 17th - Irish Examiner - In the teeth of a crisis: Pandemic leaves dentists struggling to deliver a service

April 7th - Newstalk with Ivan Yates - Prof. Stassen discussing emergency dental care

April 7th - Irish Times  Dentists want designated centres for emergency care

April 2nd - Irish Indpendent - IDA urges Social Protection to expand the pandemic payment scheme to dentists who are still providing emergency care.

March 25th - RTÉ - News at One - Chief Executive, Mr. Fintan Hourihan speaks to News at One

March 23rd - Irish Examiner - Need for dental emergency centres

March 19th - Newstalk - Dentist practices on the brink of collapse

March 19th - Today FM with Matt Cooper - Dr Eamon Croke talks to Matt Cooper

March 18th - Irish Independent - Dental profession in Ireland on the brink of collapse

March 16th - RTÉ drivetime - Chief Executive, Mr. Fintan Hourihan talks to Mary Wilson