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Exclusive Tax Protection Benefits for IDA Members

The IDU Tax Protection Policy meets up to €2,500 in reasonable professional costs incurred by dentists who are subject to an audit of their business accounts by the Revenue Commissioners, as well as for appeals regarding PAYE or PRSI compliance following an audit by the Revenue Commissioners or the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs, or in relation to any appeal proceedings following an audit carried out by the Revenue Commissioners in respect of any VAT liabilities. The cost of this insurance-based policy is borne by the IDU (the policy holder is the Irish Dental Union and the insured persons are members of the Irish Dental Union).


As a member, you or your accountant should contact DAS, Europe’s leading tax and legal expenses insurer at 1850 670 747, as soon as you are notified of a Revenue Commissioners audit of your business accounts. When the appropriate information is received, an accountant will be appointed to act for you - this can be your own accountant if agreeable to both DAS and your accountant. The Tax Protection Policy covers the cost of auditing on your behalf and representing you in any appeal proceedings associated with a Revenue audit but only costs incurred after DAS have given authorisation are covered, so please ensure you ring as soon as you are made aware of an audit.


Disputes arising from employers’ compliance with PAYE or PRSI contributions following an audit by the Revenue Commissioners or the Department of Social Community and Family Affairs are also covered. Also covered will be appeals in relation to VAT assessments following an audit.


Tax Protection and Commercial Legal Advice 1850 670 747